Friday, April 28, 2017

Crooked Teeth: No Laughing Matter

Crooked Teeth: No Laughing Matter

Uh-oh … one of your child’s permanent teeth is coming in funny. Is this a cause for panic, or at least immediate treatment? An abnormally positioned tooth has definite drawbacks:
  • It might have an impact on appearance, especially if it’s a front tooth.
  • It may cause discomfort.
  • It could prevent easy flossing.
But how do you treat abnormal tooth positioning? That question is a bit trickier, because every child’s situation—and every tooth—is a little bit different.
In many cases, orthodontic treatment is the recognized solution. Orthodontists specialize in straightening teeth—with braces, wires, bands and other implements—to give your child a spectacular smile … eventually. It’s never too early to discuss whether your child needs corrective treatment. Our clinical team at KiDDS Dental will keep tabs on his or her developing mouth and teeth in order to help the orthodontist formulate a customized future treatment strategy.
First, Dr. Jared will determine the underlying reason for an emerging tooth’s crookedness. Was the baby tooth in its spot (or next to it) lost too early? Is your child’s mouth “crowded,” with seemingly insufficient room for all 32 adult teeth? If so, why? Will the crooked tooth straighten out on its own over time (as is often the case with permanent front teeth)?
Once the reason for the problem is ascertained, we can provide treatment or refer your child to an orthodontist. Space maintainers may be useful if a primary tooth falls out too soon. By placing one in your child’s mouth, we may be able to ensure that an adjacent permanent tooth doesn’t cause problems by invading that space and taking up two spots. The goal is to prevent the tooth from having a permanently abnormal position.
An orthodontist may recommend extracting one or more healthy permanent teeth if they are causing harmful crowding in your child’s mouth. This gives the other teeth room to spread out attractively and makes for more ideal positioning.

Dr. Jared can help your child achieve a healthy, attractive smile for life. Let us know at your next appointment if you have concerns about any teeth that are coming in funny.
Do you have any questions about early orthodontic treatment for your child? Call us to schedule an appointment today! (509)-891-7070.

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