Friday, March 30, 2018

Fillings Don’t Have to Be Noticeable

Fillings Don’t Have to Be Noticeable

Although parents don’t want to hear that their child needs a dental filling, restorations are often necessary to treat a tooth that has experienced decay. This simple procedure restores your child’s tooth to its normal shape and function.

Today, dentists have options when it comes to selecting what material to use for fillings. While metal amalgam has been used to fill teeth for more than a century, we increasingly use tooth-colored composite resins for this procedure.

The advantages of using composite fillings include the following:
  • Composite fillings blend in well because they match the color of teeth.
  • Composite fillings bond to the teeth, helping to seal them and prevent additional decay.
  • Some composite fillings release fluoride, contributing to the prevention of decay.
  • Composite fillings can usually be placed in a hole smaller than that needed for amalgam fillings.
Composite fillings are durable. Because everyone wants healthy-looking white teeth, composite fillings are usually the material of choice for the front teeth; they can also be used on the back teeth.

One of the difficulties of placing a composite filling in a child’s mouth is that the tooth must be kept clean and dry throughout the procedure. Thus, the process takes a little longer than placing an amalgam filling, but we can keep most children still and comfortable during the procedure.

Of course, the ideal filling is no filling at all. That is why we stress the importance of proper brushing and flossing, as well as regular visits to KiDDS Dental for checkups and cleanings. If your child is due for a dental visit—or if you feel he or she needs some help or encouragement with dental hygiene—call our office for an appointment. We will work with you and your child to improve dental hygiene and reduce the chances that he or she will need any fillings—composite or amalgam—at all.

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