Friday, July 19, 2019

Keep Your ADHD Child Decay Free

Keep Your ADHD Child Decay Free

Keeping your child as free of cavities as possible is always a partnership between you, the parent, and us, the dental professionals. This is especially true when your child has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). As a team, we’ll use the widely recognized tell–show–do approach, with its brief, clear, step-by-step instructions, to teach and reinforce proper toothbrushing habits.

Product choices are important. Some children with ADHD don’t like foaming toothpastes; for these children, a toothpaste without sodium lauryl sulfate would be a good choice. Your child may strongly prefer a manual or electric toothbrush; let him or her select. If your child responds to rewards for consistent good dental hygiene habits, use stickers or small change, instead of carbohydrate-filled snacks or sugary drinks.

In addition, ADHD medications can contribute to decreased saliva production, causing dry mouth (xerostomia). Since decay-causing bacteria tend to flourish in the absence of saliva, tell us if your child has xerostomia, so we can discuss management techniques (sugar-free gum, mouth rinses, etc.). Because of xerostomia—and because children with ADHD tend to “graze” and eat more times a day than usual—it is a good idea to have your child’s teeth cleaned by us more frequently than twice a year.

During a cleaning, we will take special care to make the experience as pleasant and unthreatening as possible for your child. We will discuss your child’s current ADHD status with you beforehand. Please make an appointment for the time of day when your child is usually at his or her best, and during a period when he or she is taking medication. We will schedule a longer-than-usual time slot for your child’s cleaning.

Because ADHD can challenge ideal dental hygiene practices, it’s especially important to consider sealants and fluoride treatments for your child. By adding an extra level of protection, these treatments can help to make up for lapses in maintaining oral health.

We are well acquainted with children with ADHD and want to help your child stay as cavity-free as possible. If it’s time for your child’s appointment, schedule it now at KiDDS Dental. We’ll work together to make the appointment a successful experience.

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