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Friday, November 20, 2020

Safety First: Preventing Dental Injuries

Safety First: Preventing Dental Injuries

Dental injuries and emergencies can happen to children anytime. Research suggests that when children start to walk and run—generally between the ages of 1 and 3—they are at high risk. Toddlers are often uncoordinated, which places them at major risk for falls and bumps.

Another high-risk time is between the ages of 8 and 11 years, when children are more active and less cautious. Injuries to children’s teeth can be stressful to them and their parents. Dental injuries tend to occur from

*sports accidents
*falls inside or outside the home
*road traffic accidents

Playing It Safe

Fortunately, you and your children can use some strategies to help prevent most dental injuries. Knowing what to do is also important in the event of a dental injury, so talk to Dr. Jared about your child’s activities and what to do should an injury occur. You can help to prevent dental injuries by advising your child to

*avoid walking or running with an object in his or her mouth
*never suck or chew on hard, sharp or pointed objects
*wear a mouth guard for sports activities that could cause injury
*always wear a seat belt in the car

Buying and Wearing a Mouth Guard

Mouth guards are especially important in sports such as rugby, hockey and boxing. Usually made of rubber, they provide a protective cover that shields teeth and gums. Although you can purchase them in sports stores, it’s best if we make a custom-fit one for your child. This ensures that your child can talk and breathe normally while wearing it. As new teeth develop and their mouths change, children need to have their mouth guards replaced.

Dental injuries are common but largely preventable. Follow the tips mentioned to prevent the likelihood of trauma. Make sure you also talk to us about risk factors for injury and how you can best prevent problems with age-appropriate strategies.

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