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Friday, October 8, 2021

Start Your Child’s Oral Health Routine Early

Start Your Child’s Oral Health Routine Early

The first year of life for your infant is an important one—with rapid development that sets the stage for health later in life. While you might already be thinking about routines such as sleeping, make sure you don’t neglect the importance of establishing an oral health care routine with your child.

Research suggests that the earlier you start the better. In fact, studies show that a large number of 2- and 3-year-olds already have cavities; some of these children will require invasive treatment and hospitalization. However, good dentist-led education during pregnancy and throughout your child’s first year will give your toddler the best chance for a cavity-free mouth.

If you are pregnant, schedule a visit with us. A scientific study conducted in Australia in 2008 and repeated in 2014 found that a mother’s meeting with a pediatric dentist during pregnancy and again when the child reached 6 and 12 months went a long way toward preventing early childhood cavities.

Because the Internet and other sources of information can be unreliable, it is critical that you receive information from a qualified pediatric dentist. Topics we discuss will range from nutrition and oral hygiene to the use of pacifiers.

Dental care has a significant, positive impact on your child’s quality of life. Conversely, a lack of dental care can have a negative impact. Research shows that early childhood cavities can lead to
  • physical symptoms, such as pain, that can lead to malnutrition and delayed growth from a reluctance to eat
  • functional problems, including poor chewing and limited communication due to  poor speech and a loss of space in the mouth
  • psychological effects from the low self-esteem that results when a child’s mouth and teeth don’t look their best
  • a higher risk of future cavities
Don’t wait until your child experiences problems before visiting KiDDS Dental. Infancy is a critical time when it comes to laying down a foundation for good oral health. Setting up an effective oral health routine early is easier than changing unhealthy habits later on.

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