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Friday, December 17, 2021

Straightening Out Your Child’s Smile

Straightening Out Your Child’s Smile

Very few people have perfectly straight teeth. Dentists use the term “malocclusion” to describe the failure of the top and bottom teeth to bite together as they should. If your child has malocclusion, he or she could have an overbite, underbite or crossbite. In addition, your child might have problems with gum tissue, speech development, appearance or the jaw joints.

Even though your child’s teeth may have some degree of malocclusion, that doesn’t necessarily mean his or her bite needs correction. Dr. Jared may refer your child to an orthodontist, a specialist who can help accurately determine what kind of correction is needed, if any.

How can you tell if your child has malocclusion? Symptoms of the condition may include
  • abnormal alignment of the teeth
  • breathing through the mouth
  • problems with speech
  • difficulty biting or chewing
  • abnormal facial appearance
Rarely is malocclusion caused by just one factor. Genetics can play a large role, while children’s habits can influence their bite, as well. Children who suck their thumbs until the age of five or beyond have a higher risk of developing malocclusion. Some children have limited space between their baby teeth. This means that when their larger permanent teeth grow in, there may not be enough room for them.

Treatment for straighter teeth is personalized for each individual child. X-rays and impressions of teeth can evaluate the problem so that your child receives the best recommendations for treatment. Your child’s age and the extent of the condition will be considered to determine treatment. Treatment might include
  • fixed mouth appliances, such as braces
  • removable mouth appliances, such as retainers
  • jaw surgery to correct bite problems where bone is involved
When the top and bottom teeth bite together evenly, your child has a properly aligned bite. Remember: Few children have a perfectly aligned bite, but not all require treatment. For those who do, early intervention is critical to prevent further problems in the face and jaw from a badly positioned bite. The result is your child’s renewed confidence and a beautiful smile to show for it.

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